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WarmUp Warmth Pads provide comfortable warmth, are reusable, have a good quality and an optimal price-quality ratio. Heat Pillows here at warmup cool have proven to be the last 13 years quality heat pads to create warmth within a few seconds to humans and animals in an environmentally friendly natural way. Hotpacks reusable WarmUp to heat separate portions of the body, instead of the entire body. Cool because WarmUp heat pllows radiate warmth delicious warmth for young and old, when it is ice cold, when being ill, warmth is also good for some forms of rheumatism analgesic, warmth does often more good to the human body than we know. WarmUp has several handwarmers for under gloves and into the pocket. In winter have WarmUp handwarmer ready to start at icy cold and used immediately to prevent cold hands. Heat pads come in various models like especially for the neck and shoulders Neckwarmer which also provides delicious warmth for the shoulders. Back Warmer for highly relaxing warmth .Recommended the belt where the back warmer of WarmUp fits into, and for the neck warmer a special bag to put in the neckwarmer both also good for people with sensitive skin. Heating pad WarmUp during football Saturdays in the stands no maater how the game ends. And for the youngest among us we have WarmUp baby bottle warmer convenient when going out..

What is good for humans is often good for the animal. WarmUp cushions used successfully in veterinary practice and zoos for aw well small as large animals. Bodywarmer WarmUp 45x25 with snaps technology Bodywarmer WarmUp 45x25 with snaps technology so WarmUp properly fits on the back of your horse. Bodywarmers 30x25cm for your sweet little dog or cat WarmUp brings warmth which makes animals quiet. .WarmUp Heat Pads are no cure, no homeopathic remedy, and no medical instrument. Information on this site WarmUp.Cool is no medical advice at all.


Warmup heating pads do not need electricity and need no preheating. By bending or snapping the metal plate the heat pad wiöö be warm immediate up to max 50 degrees. Place a cloth on the skin when it is too hot. After use make the heating pad restart again, as the description in the manual supplied, with the warm water procedure.

Sicherheitshinweis WarmUp: People with blood pressure and or sensory issues, and or a pacemaker or other bodily inner mechanical (for example, sugar patients with insulin built-in computer) must at all times prior to discuss the use of a heating pad for this purpose with an expert physician. The content of WarmUp is non-flammable, non-toxic, non-corrosive, and environmentally friendly, Bisphenol-A and Bisphenol-S free. WarmUp heating pad Do not use if you wear a pain patch or morphine patch, not even the first 24 hours after the pain patch has been removed. Additional heat does increase the temperature of the skin which means that enhances the action of the drug as well. Source: Medicines Commission of the German Pharmacists (AMK). For children, the heating pad is not a toy.

Warm Up Heatpads

WarmUp Neckwarmer Box WarmUp Neckwarmer


Neckwarmer Shoulderwarmer

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bodywarmer-box WarmUp Bodywarmer


Bodywarmer Seat Cushion 30x25 cm

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hotpack neckwarmer
neckwarmer-sleeve Neckwarmer with Sleeve


WarmUp Sleeve with Neckwarmer

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hotpackback warmer
back warmer belt Back Warmer with Belt


WarmUp Belt with Back Warmer

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